Our Values since 2011: Curiosity, Respect, Vision

Our Values are Foundation of our Success

We are comfortable with complex technical and organizational challenges. Each individual thinks and acts like an entrepreneur and also as a team player.

We are smart engineers and we tackle things together until we reach our goal. Thus, today our organization is considered an established and reliable solution provider for manufacturing companies.

We have been consulting manufacturing companies since 2011. We have evolved through our projects and continuously strengthened ourselves with know-how and capacities. The experiences of production optimization in 47 countries and our steady and reflected growth have strengthened us and enable us today to draw on the full, especially for challenging projects.

Our Vision

Successes of consulting projects are highly individual. We are driven by the ambition to always focus on the maximum success of our customers before and during the project phase.


Our company
in Figures


founded by
Sven Roeren


permanent employees with talent and know-how


Fluctuation per year, i.e. less than every twentieth person leaves the company within a year

9 Mio.

EUR per year in project turnover


Countries in which we have already been active


EUR external capital, purely organic growth


Growth in sales and employees per year since 2011

Our team

The Experts for Production and Management

Denis Alt
B. Eng.
David Ambrosie
M. Sc.
Matthias Berger
B. Eng.
Ann-Katrin Braun
M. Eng.
Maximilian Danzer
B. Eng.
Daniel Estner
M. Sc.
Maxim Gayk
M. Sc.
Andrei Grecu
B. A.
Anja Grimm
M. Eng.
Daniel Hadamek
B. Eng.
Maximilian Hilmer
M. Sc.
Simon Hopfensperger
M. Eng.
Jennifer Hörndl
Michaela Huhn
Niklas Imminger
Vinzenz Jeglinsky
Dr.-Ing. & MBA
Sebastian Klier
B. Eng.
Michael Kratzer
M. Sc.
Veronika Marquart
B. Eng.
Jürgen Meier
B. Eng. & MBA
Julian Meißner
M. Eng.
Leonard Menzel
B. Eng.
Sebastian Mittermeier
B. Eng.
Simon Münster
M. Eng.
Stefanie Prößl
M. Sc.
Severin Rau
B. Eng.
Alina Reimchen
B. Eng.
Sven Roeren
Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Denise Roscher
B. Eng.
Michaela Sandner
Eva Schiller
M. A.
Andreas Schlarb
B. Eng.
Jonas Schmid
B. Eng.
Tim Schneider
M. Sc.
Alexander Schönfeld
Manuel Schrems
B. Eng.
Christian Schuster
Johannes Seeberger
B. Eng.
Markus Tobschall
B. Eng.
Louis Treinies
Jens-Janik Vogel
B. Eng.
Severin Edler von Kuepach
M. Sys. Eng.
Andrea Wagensoner
Susanne Wagner
B. Eng. & MBA
Andreas Weinberger
B. Eng. & MBA
Thomas Weindorfer
M. Sys. Eng.
Christoph Widbiller
B. Eng.
Maximilian Wölfel
M. Sc.
Manuel Zanner
M. Sc.


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Our Values

In order to have a basis for our actions and to find ourselves reflected in our activities, we have generated the “roeren Values” that guide us: Curiosity, Respect, Vision.


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