"Changing global boundary conditions call for clear strategies": publication in the GIESSEREI journal

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In the February 2023 issue of the leading trade journal for technology, innovation and management, we as experienced foundry experts contribute to corporate planning in foundries under the current challenging conditions.


In turbulent times, clear guidelines must determine management decisions in companies – especially in the environment of foundries, which are characterized by high investment volumes and play a significant role in the interplay between technology and market events. Three fundamentally different and promising strategic approaches are analyzed on the basis of example scenarios.

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Foundry management as a core competence of roeren

Casting is one of the oldest manufacturing technologies. It has been undergoing constant change since ancient times, due to the increase in the complexity of product requirements and the integration of new technologies. Even today, foundries are faced with many challenges which, on the one hand, present great economic opportunities and, on the other, can threaten their very existence. roeren provides support in specific situations in order to quickly and accurately make recommendations at the intersection of organization, technology, finance and products.

Since roeren was founded, foundry management has been a focus area that has developed into a separate area of expertise within the company over the years.

Foundry Management Competence Field

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