Participation in the publicly funded research project AdDEDValue.

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Together with the Technical University of Munich and other partners from the automotive industry such as Volkswagen, Siemens, AGCO Fendt, Fritz Automation and applicationtechnology, roeren is involved in the research project “Fully automated additive manufacturing with DED processes for automotive series production” (AdDEDValue). This project is funded under the German government’s “Future Investments in Vehicle Manufacturers and Suppliers” (Kopa 35c) program.

Objective of the AdDEDValue research project

In today’s volatile economic situation, highly flexible manufacturing is an important factor in maintaining competitiveness. In this respect, additive manufacturing offers great potential for flexible, demand-oriented and efficient production. This is particularly evident in DED processes (DED: Directed Energy Deposition), which represent a subsection of additive manufacturing processes. Due to their high build-up rates compared to other additive processes, the objective is to enable DED processes for different sizes of series in the automotive industry.


Value contribution through roeren

The economic evaluation of a novel technology, also in comparison to existing conventional manufacturing processes, is of crucial importance to ensure that a presumably innovative technology can be implemented sensibly and purposefully in an automotive series production with the current validity limits and potentials. This requires the transparent clarification of the economic and technological product- and process-related boundary conditions, requirements and possibilities of DED processes.

roeren brings experience from many technology and innovation assessments. As a result, the aim of the roeren sub-projects is to establish an application-oriented but methodologically sound evaluation logic to identify economically attractive uses of DED processes.


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