Our activities are generally divided into “fire-fighting projects” and “concept-based projects”. In fire-fighting projects, we use creativity and concerted effort to (re-)establish delivery capability in a production system. In concept-based projects, we aim to create stable systems to ensure successful production in the long term. Each of our employees is familiar with both worlds, and from our experience it is extremely important to incorporate the knowledge gained from tricky situations into concept-based projects. Similarly, it is crucial for our team members to have a detailed understanding of what we do between production and logistics systems, so they can tackle fire-fighting projects effectively. In this respect, all our services are based on the pursuit of maximum stability and efficiency in production.

Each of our projects is unique, and generally follows this structure:

Fire-fighting measures to safeguard the situation on site
Development of a concept for preventative stabilization
Site evaluation for neutral risk analysis


Successes in consulting projects are extremely individual. We are driven by the demand to focus at all times on the maximum success of our clients before and during our projects. This regularly leads to adjustments to our services and content, because production itself is highly complex, multi-faceted and volatile. We believe we have achieved success when we have optimally stabilized an existing production system or implemented the best possible concept for a planned business unit or plant. This is what our customers value, and it’s why they work with us intensively and on a long-term basis.


Digitalization, automation and networking are indisputably the megatrends in production of the future. Thanks to numerous activities in the world of research, and close ties with the Technologiezentrum Dingolfing GmbH (an association of leading production technology professors led by Sven Roeren), the key trends in production are not simply ever-present in projects at roeren GmbH, but are actively co-created, providing our clients with a direct route to opening up future opportunities.

Talent management

Thanks to our talent management that is driven by our values, we attract ambitious, smart and hard-working people who create added value.


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