We love tackling complex technical and organizational challenges. Every one of us thinks and acts both as an entrepreneur and as a team player. We are ingenious mechanical engineers and combine all our efforts until we have achieved our clients’ objectives. This is why our organization is regarded as an established and reliable solution provider for manufacturing companies.


Denis Alt, B. Eng.
David Ambrosie, M. Sc.
Matthias Berger, B. Eng.
Ann-Katrin Braun, M. Eng.
Deniz Ceylan, B. Eng.
Severin Edler von Kuepach, M. Sys. Eng.
Thomas Eberhard
Daniel Estner, B. Eng.
Andrei Grecu, B. A.
Anja Grimm, M. Eng.
Daniel Hadamek
Maximilian Hilmer, M. Sc.
Florian Hofstetter, M. Eng.
Simon Hopfensperger, M. Eng.
Michaela Huhn
Niklas Imminger
Dipl. Wirt.-Ing. Vinzenz Jeglinsky, MBA & Eng.
Michael Kratzer, M. Sc.
Max Kreutzer, B. Eng.
Veronika Marquart, B. Eng.
Julian Meißner, M. Sc.
Severin Rau, B. Eng.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sven Roeren
Denise Roscher
Michaela Sandner
Eva Schiller, M. A.
Andreas Schlarb, B. Eng.
Tim Schneider, M. Sc.
Johannes Seeberger, B. Eng.
Andreas Weinberger, B. Eng. & MBA
Thomas Weindorfer, M. Sys. Eng.
Maximilian Wölfel, M. Sc.
Manuel Zanner, M. Sc.


We have been providing consulting services to manufacturing companies since 2011. We have evolved with our clients and have continued to expand our expertise and capacities. Experience gained in optimizing manufacturing operations in 47 countries and our continued and carefully considered growth have made us stronger. We can draw on all these resources to tackle the most challenging projects.


Our fundamental values of “curiosity, respect, vision” are all future-oriented. We have internalized these values and believe the future is bright. Whatever we’re faced with – economic downturns, disruptive technologies, creative tasks – we learn and evolve with our clients. We all love what we do and look forward to new challenges.

Talent management

Thanks to our talent management that is driven by our values, we attract ambitious, smart and hard-working people who create added value.


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