Bringing in production expertise into a series development process

More and more frequently, we are asked to contribute our production expertise to complex development projects. Precisely when it is crucial to be able to narrow down and exhaust the possibilities of series production and supplier performance so that these limits are considered in the respective product concepts.

In the case described, the client used our expertise in a development process that was well behind schedule to evaluate both component availability from sub-suppliers and the processes that could be represented in its own production and to systematically include them in decisions on the last possible concept changes. Our value proposition was essentially given by the fact that we can bridge the gap between product parameters (including critical tolerances) and the monetary impact or even the fundamental representability in the relevant manufacturing processes. Dynamic bottleneck and risk analyses have resulted in this component now stably playing its intended role in the product benefit.


Company size




4 months


Percentage of individual services

reactive situation stabilization
holistic concept development
risk analysis production performance


Unknown machine and plant requirements for planning the new project according to requirements

Overall concept including extended structure planning and conception of interlinking in different variants

Make-or-buy decision pending

Efficient project implementation with simultaneous creation of long-term flexibility for future projects


Determination of product requirements and scope of processing

Planning of possible implementation concepts and discussion with various equipment manufacturers

Creation of a rough layout based on the location factors

Preparation of work schedules, production control plan and derivation of staff requirements

Determination of personnel and investment requirements to derive the profitability of the overall project


Fixed machine and plant requirements based on capacity requirements

Different layout variants of the machinery incl. evaluation Evaluation

Various automation and interlinking concepts incl. evaluation Evaluation

Dynamic planning with the possibility of processing all technical and organizational influences as well as scenario-based output of all effects

Defined control logic, manufacturing systems and a rough logistics concept

The project in detail

Project Highlights

Holistic make-or-buy decisions

Complex process-product correlations

Economic evaluation of different variants

Feasibility studies also of innovative manufacturing processes

Similar projects

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