Bottleneck control and reconstruction after fire damage event

Production areas usually operate at the edge of their capacities. In terms of an orientation towards efficiency and investment protection, “scraping the limit” is therefore actually the ideal operating point – but the system then immediately collapses by itself if there is an external impact that suddenly stops production capability.

The present case referes to a fire in a foundry that was operating at full capacity supplying various sectors, including vehicle manufacturers in volume production. We were called directly to the scene of the incident in order to be able to find solutions at extremely short notice. In parallel, we identified, consolidated and evaluated a wide variety of conceivable scenarios, leaving no solution – no matter how far-fetched. In addition to the development of recommendations for the best alternative solution in the scenario at hand, we also supported its implementation up to the post-processing for all insurance processes (including damage assessment due to production downtime, bridging costs and repair work).


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6 months


Percentage of individual services

reactive situation stabilization
holistic concept development
risk analysis production performance


Short-term loss of production capacity due to the fire at a magnesium die-casting cell at the German customer site

Due to the previous relocation of the die-casting tool from the USA to Germany - also fire-induced - the supply situation is tense

The requirements of the American customer location can currently only be met by air freight.


Convening a 24-hour task force for the short- term repair of the die-casting tool

Creation of capacities in a further die-casting facility by means of order redeployment and shift extensions

Counterpart for insurance and surveyors and control of internal capacities to enable the new casting shop and preservation of neighboring halls

Consolidation of all fire-induced costs


After the customer's initial estimate of theamount of damage of approx. € 9.5 million, all fire-related costs of € 14.2 million were covered by the insurance company

5 days after the fire event, series production was started at the replacement plant

Vehicle production was not affected

After 6 weeks, supply was switched from air to sea freight

The project in detail

Project Highlights

High confidence in our holistic recommendations

Interlocking of logistical, technological and economic aspects

Management of a complete series interruption

Complete return to series production after just a few weeks

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