Digitalized and virtual factory planning for a medium-sized plant supplier

The fast-paced nature of the order situation and the customer’s demand for short and clearly communicated deadlines and performance situations is a constantly evolving trend. At the same time, new opportunities are constantly emerging to use digital tools to simulate scenarios and obtain valuable insights into the effects of different decisions as early as the planning phase.

We have investigated the intrinsic value of using digital factory planning systems for a machine tool manufacturer and, after piloting them in the context of a specific customer order, transferred them to a company-wide standard process. As a result, the supplier is now in a position to make early statements about the performance as well as the integration into the material flow at the respective customers. The decisive criterion for our joint project success was our understanding of production processes in different technological process chains at the customer. This is the only way to formulate relevant requirements for digital planning tools and to transfer them into applicable processes in a target-oriented manner.


Company size




10 months


Percentage of individual services

reactive situation stabilization
holistic concept development
risk analysis production performance


Compressed industrialization period due to short-term nominations

High complexity of existing manufacturing technologies due to new technical applications, additional trades and high degree of automation

Revision of existing planning processes necessary to cover the requirements


Implementation of all planning processes by means of linked software systems

Recording of specific requirements according to manufacturing technologies and business processes

Testing of possible solutions by means of trials and pilot projects


Integration of virtual factory planning modules into the organization

Possibility of simulations and specific analyses already in the early planning phase

Digitization of the planning process according to customer requirements

Establishment and assurance of the usability of the systems

The project in detail

Project Highlights

Tool implementation as a consequence of logical processes

Efficiency and accuracy of results as target criteria

Targeted utilization of latest Industry 4.0 elements

Complete redesign of the process map

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