Increasing the efficiency of indirect areas of a medium-sized company

Description: Optimization of production areas is our core competence. However, production is always to be seen as part of a entrepreneurial organism which must be connected via many interfaces with other essential areas in the company, such as development, purchasing, controlling and human resources. Achieving an optimum in production therefore also requires a comparison of objectives and processes with adjacent areas.

This project example describes a project assignment in which we were allowed to reach far into the adjacent areas, right across the interfaces from and to production responsibility, in order to identify optimization potential for the entire company processes.

After we had been able to support a manufacturing company over a period of several years in the process of updating the production areas with the latest plant technology, an innovative planning system as well as in the reorganization of organizational responsibilities, the performance limits in production were obvious to us and we successively identified the potentials together with the company and transferred them into suitable measures. Starting from the core process of value creation in production, we were able to realize significant improvements in the company’s results by adapting procedures and rules right through to sales.


Company size




1.5 years


Percentage of individual services

reactive situation stabilization
holistic concept development
risk analysis production performance


Inefficiencies in the indirect areas

Long order lead times (from customer to customer)

Lack of transparency in order processing

Missing systematics for program planning

Lack of connection to CRM

High effort in technical order processing (variance, special design, configuration)

Disproportionate personnel requirements compared to sales growth


Process surveys and analyses in the indirect areas (VSM, VSD, swimlanes, activity analyses, structured interviews)

Identification of potentials and derivation of fields of action including measures

Evaluation and prioritization of measures and transfer to project planning

Establishment of a continuous work mode of regular routines and work meetings

Implementation support


Documentation of all indirect processes in order processing including weak points

Effort/benefit assessment of all potentials

Reorganization of order clarification

Introduction of a variant configurator and connection to the CRM system

Reduction of customer-related constructions by Ø 30%.

Reduction of the order DLZ by Ø 20%

Mapping of order growth of approx. 10% p.a. with unchanged staffing levels

The project in detail

Project Highlights

Contract manufacturing in single piece quantities

High customer requirements regarding optical product features

Holistic approach to optimization within the company

Specific requirements of the construction industry

Similar projects

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