Securing supplies after an investor has joined the supplier

Particularly in the case of unclear combinations of responsibilities, even at the shareholder level of manufacturing companies, it becomes obvious right down to the production processes that unclear responsibility structures cause errors and inefficiencies. Particularly in international compositions of different roles of know-how carriers, industry experts and investors, differences of interest often arise which cause the current production process to deviate from the optimum.

In the project example, we were active in analyzing a critical supply situation in component production and initiating improvement measures under high time pressure. In close cooperation with the customer, requirements were coordinated and transferred into feasible production packages. In the plant itself, it became obvious that there were organizational deficiencies and confusion of responsibilities, since in addition to the established workforce, the investor also brought “his own specialists” into the operational organization. Rarely has the saying “too many cooks spoil the broth” been as apt as it was here. We have identified various ways of spreading responsibility and ensuring stability in the executive areas. We supported the jointly favored path with all stakeholders until it was fully implemented on site.


Company size




1.5 years


Percentage of individual services

reactive situation stabilization
holistic concept development
risk analysis production performance


Supply not guaranteed in 18-shift operation

OEE core processes: Pressing 62%, Milling 58%, Bonding 44%.

Change rate of critical derivative in customer's plant from SOP: 39%.

Lack of personnel qualification and capacity

Inadequate logistics subcontractor management


Control dates for the implementation of a key figure-based control of production

Reduction of downtimes and scrap by means of PDCA cycle

Reduction of process times by sequence optimization of automation

Test series for quality improvement along the entire process chain

Fixing of framework agreements at Tier 2 level

Development of system for safety, reorder points and escalation processes


Securing supply in 15-shift operation

OEE increase of core processes to: Pressing 67%, Milling 73%, Gluing 67%.

Reduction of cycle times in adhesive bonding per derivative by: 16% / 12% / 8%.

Change rate of critical derivative at customer plant: 1%

Establishment of complexity-variable safety and reorder points

Daily supply report including performance-based forecast curve

The project in detail

Project Highlights

Significant increase in organizational process availability

Creation of transparency and clarification of responsibilities

Management of the customer - supplier interface

Reorganization of the complete sub-supplier management

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