Securing supplies after relocation of production to company-owned plant

After relocations of production areas, surprises often become apparent, which no relevant role has considered in this form and intensity. From our point of view, it is not even possible to identify all aspects in advance, so that reacting to performance losses in the production environment will be a permanent discipline.

The present case was a prime example that a relocation of a production area does not work if you copy organization, plant technology, system connection and employee roles just one to one. The onsite conditions and the specific composition of the production tasks always reveal proprietary challenges that might not have led to negative effects at all with the experience gained at the parent plant, but at the new location can lead to a standstill in production. In order to then be able to guarantee security of supply, methodically transparent but nevertheless pragmatic procedures are required in order to be able to both increase output and reliably incorporate quality requirements into the products. From our point of view, location-specific paths then also result in opportunities, on the basis of which the entire company can benefit again.


Company size


Czech republic


2 years


Percentage of individual services

reactive situation stabilization
holistic concept development
risk analysis production performance


Peak number of units in 2 months cannot be served on the basis of the current KPIs.

Start-up of a further derivative in 7 months cannot be mapped with regard to the quantity structure

Process chain scrap at Tier 1 > 35

Main contributor for rework minutes at customer plant Ø 3000 min/month

Current supply can only be maintained by means of special runs

Supply of CKD plants only possible by air freight


Installation Q-Gates

Installation Shopfloor Walk

Establishment of a foam rework area

Installation of 1-Piece-Flow and reduction of parts handling

Establishment of bottleneck control Tier-2

Installation of a control loop to identify Q-problems and derive and track corrective measures

Training of workers and standardization of processes and workplaces


Increase in daily output by approx. 22%

Reduction of process chain rejects to 14%

Start-up of the further derivative secured

Reduction of rework minutes in the customer's plant to Ø 400 min/month

Elimination of the required special trips and supply by means of regular transport

Elimination of backlog against CKD plants and supply by sea freight

The project in detail

Project Highlights

Innovative technological process chain

Supply chain across several continents

Rapid detection of major disruptive factors

Prioritization of supply in temporary shortages

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