Contribution to the newly published DIN SPEC Remanufacturing

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New DIN SPEC for remanufacturing launched.

Our contribution in the creation of the standard

We are very pleased that the new DIN SPEC 91472, which we helped to create, will be published in June. The standard distinguishes remanufacturing from other value-preserving processes and thus creates clearly defined standards and transparency. Remanufacturing, i.e. the industrial reprocessing of old parts, is already used in various industries. Compared to a repair, the old parts are completely disassembled and each component is checked for reusability and reprocessed (cleaning, reworking of functional surfaces if necessary, etc.), followed by assembly and testing of the entire component analogous to new part production. By complying with DIN SPEC, users can differentiate themselves from competitors who do not have clearly defined standards.

The link to the standard as well as the press release of DIN e.V. is listed below.

Circular economy as a core competence of roeren

The future field of the circular economy has been a focus area for roeren for years and has developed into a separate area of expertise within the company. We support the development and implementation of comprehensive approaches for circular products for the (aftersales) markets. In our projects, we develop custom-fit solutions (design-for-circularity) and reuse strategies (for example RE:MAN, RE:USE, RE:CYCLE, RE:DUCE).

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