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Today the participation of roeren GmbH in the software development company Aperion Analytics GmbH, founded in 2021, is notarized.

A cooperation with synergies and immense potential for the future

For quite some time, roeren GmbH has been active in various projects with the two founders Michael Milde and Andreas Hofer. The experience of good cooperation and mutual inspiration for ideas and solutions makes the social union a logical and strategically sensible consequence.

Digitization of production as an essential component for competitiveness

There is immense potential in digital tools in the production environment and in supply chains in general, so that the well-structured as well as realistic and application-oriented software solutions of Aperion Analytics GmbH will be seen in the future as essential components of many modern production companies.

In addition to their IT expertise, the two founders also have a common past as research associates at the Institute of Production Engineering at the Technical University of Munich, the iwb TUM (Institute of Machine Tools and Industrial Management); their publications also deal with approaches to digital solutions of complex and specific tasks in production.

Here’s to many more joint and successful projects in the challenging activities that common tasks entail, as well as consistent and successful growth!

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