Donations instead of gifts - €10,000 donated to Kindernothilfe again

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Giving hope at the end of the year

Also this year we want to set an example and support children in need. We are once again donating €10,000 and have chosen two Kindernothilfe projects, which we briefly present here.

The projects in detail


Kindernothilfe – Food security for families in Burundi

“Ending Malnutrition.”

Almost the entire population of Burundi relies on agriculture as a source of income or self-sufficiency. What the dry red earth of Burundi yields is often not enough for survival. Increasingly extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain and drought are destroying entire harvests. More than half of the population is undernourished, and this is particularly bad for children: two-thirds of children under five are affected by growth disorders, and half do not reach the age of five. Since traditional farming methods no longer work due to the changed conditions, people in this Kindernothilfe project learn alternative ways of cultivation (mixed cultivation, organic fertilizer, efficient use of land). The supply of goats to the population and the construction of wells are also part of the project and thus make a contribution against malnutrition of the weakest.

Kindernothilfe – Start Up Aid for Micro Enterprises in Africa

“No one is poor per se – nothing is impossible”.

Regular droughts are a disaster for smallholder farmers in Africa, most of whom are self-sufficient. Ethiopia in particular is affected as one of the poorest countries in the world. Girls and women have a particularly hard time there and often have no way to provide for themselves due to dependency and oppression – especially when the man dies or leaves the family. Through Kindernothilfe’s project, women learn how to turn small business ideas into profit. If the parents earn enough, the children do not have to work and have better access to nutrition, education and health.

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