Business model development and implementation Remanufacturing

Incorporating production competence into business model developments at an early stage was the reason for the cooperation in this project environment. It quickly became apparent that the process-oriented design of variant groupings, as well as the complex management of product and production process characteristics, generates decisive cost advantages.

In the actual project, we structured the respective interests and influences across all disciplines for potential components to be remanufactured. Since technological and economic aspects cannot be kept apart, our competence in presenting complex relationships in a clear and simple manner and making evaluation recommendations was able to have the best possible effect. We have selected processing solutions for reprocessing, described the economic efficiency and controlled the implementation of the plants and production processes. Today, the components and processes we designed are processed at a supplier’s factory and, in accordance with the law on closed-loop recycling, are put to further use in a very profitable way – both ecologically and economically.


Company size




4 years


Percentage of individual services

reactive situation stabilization
holistic concept development
risk analysis production performance


Declining retention in older vehicle segments

Gray market for spare parts and repair

Decreasing contribution margins, increasing manufacturing costs for spare parts

Variant management due to cross-assembly and AI levels

Establishment and industrialization of supply chain for remanufacturing of spare parts components

Reverse logistics

Bring about corporate resulutions (committee runs)


Market and competition analysis to determine the potential with remanufactured spare parts

Feasibility study and creation of business cases

Modeling End2End processes

Concept creation variant management

Site analysis and assessment

Tendering and awarding suppliers for the reconditioning of spare parts components

Support of industrialization at Tier-1

Development of marketing concepts


Positive business case anchored in long-term corporate planning

Corporate resolution (at board level)

Product management established for variant management and product- and portfolio maintenance

Backward parts chain optimized and core management implemented

Supplier for reconditioning of spare parts components nominated and industrialized

In-house assembly processes connected

Marketing approach developed and implemented

The project in detail

Project Highlights

Dovetailing of economic and technological variant evaluation

Marriage of product and process analyses

Massive contribution to climate-friendly circular economy

Complete management from the first idea to serial production

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