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Substance through Curiosity, Respect and Foresight

Our solutions are sustainable. Our goal is always the optimum of efficiency and quality.

In the complex environment of production, we quickly create transparency and long-term added value. Our projects shape us as a company and each individual in our team. Curiosity, respect and vision guide us in our activities. Precisely because we take a highly individual approach to our projects, we value our self-developed guard rails.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sven Roeren, CEO

“We have managed to establish talent management as an essential strategic pillar and continuously expand competences in the production environment with our great team.”


Our Successes – Unique and Structured

Success of consulting projects is highly individual. We are driven by the demand to always focus on maximum success on site in the production areas, both before and during the project phase.

This regularly leads to focus adjustments of our services and content, because production itself is highly complex, multi-faceted and volatile. We have achieved success when the best possible stabilization of an existing production or the best possible concept of a future business unit or plant has been implemented.




In all our projects, we always aim to deliver results quickly. Sometimes to establish short term delivery capability, sometimes to set the direction for a sustainable solution right at the beginning.




In all our projects, we understand that production is always just part of an entire company or even a complex overarching supply chain. Therefore, our solutions always fit into the “big picture”.




In all our projects, we also go beyond our actual assignment to show what opportunities and risks we identify for production plants, manufacturing companies and entire supply chains.


Our Successes speak for themselves

Circular Economy - Closing the Loop for Supply-Critical Raw Materials

Increasing the efficiency of indirect areas of a medium-sized company

Securing supplies after relocation of production to company-owned plant

Securing supplies after an investor has joined the supplier

Securing supplies of technically challenging structural body components

Securing supplies from an insolvent supplier with a high level of process know-how

Bringing in production expertise into a series development process

Digitalized and virtual factory planning for a medium-sized plant supplier

Bottleneck control and reconstruction after fire damage event

Quality assurance Product and process features - Media lines - Drive technology

Industry selection

Automotive Industry

Aerospace Technology

Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Medical Technology


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